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Blackfyre - Create Your Individual Gaming Group

Blackfyre will provide you with the power to create huge gaming groups. Users can create clans and problem every others, holding observe of the suits, share content material and far more!

Primary options:

  • Extended Family war device: Create and handle staff fits
  • Customers can create and handle clans
  • Predefined page layout for clans for simple advent
  • Full buddypress beef up, create your own community!
  • Web Page builder powered through Visual Composer
  • WooCommerce fortify
  • Parallax blocks
  • Video blocks
  • Animated photographs and icons
  • WPML In A Position
  • Translate ready – .po files integrated
  • Ranking Machine , widget integrated
  • bbPress able, create your individual community!
  • Totally responsive layout
  • Unlimited colours
  • Add your individual backgrounds
  • HTML5
  • CSS3 Styling
  • CSS3 Animations
  • Construct the usage of the latest Bootstrap
  • Powered by way of Theme barracks with intensive options:
    • Typography options
    • Limitless colours
    • Add your individual backgrounds
    • Jquery page slider activate/off option
    • Weblog choices
    • Search Engine Optimization options
    • Footer choices
    • Social media choices
  • Superior Web Page builder with numerous blocks, simply drag and drop to create the web page that you just want!
  • Go-browser compatible
  • Search Engine Optimisation in a position
  • XML dummy content record incorporated
  • Extensive documentation report
  • Improve discussion board

need assistance? Seek Advice From our Fortify Discussion Board

I offer topic toughen by means of our beef up forum. for those who have any problems or in the event you discover a malicious program/errors, please put up them there. i will NOW NOT find a way to answer any questions relating to fortify in the feedback. (http://support.skywarriorthemes.com/)

Please note: the photographs that can be noticed within the preview images is not going to be integrated within the download. Those are for preview purposes only.

Different thanks to: grosnez, sandara, foton-THREE, saturnoarg, tobylewin, thomaswievegg, leventep, antimingebag, tamplierpainter for the pictures

when you like it, please don’t disregard to rate it!

Update History

Current model: 1.9.FOUR

Might 20th, 2016

- Added unique clan name test /js/global.js /purposes.php - Slider pace patch /js/bx_slider_auto.js /header.php - Tag page fixed structure /tag.php - Added widespread posts block /functions.php /vc.php /vc_templates/vc_popular_posts.php

May fifteenth, 2016

- Social buttons for log in introduced to sign up page /css/main.css /page-person-registration.php - Fastened styling factor with tabs /css/main.css - Layout drawback with contributors page fixed /css/main.css /css/boostrap.css - Border on hover factor fixed /css/main.css - Update group names from again finish now works /addons/extended family-wars/wp-clanwars.php - Customers can not edit clans the usage of direct url input /functions.php - Most Sensible extended family block now sorts clans by gained/lost ratio /vc_templates/vc_clans.php /functions.php - Removed way to delete clans whilst in process of developing one /single-extended family.php - Added electronic mail notification whilst consumer signs up using social networks /come with/handler/index.php - Mounted issue with twitch image now not updating /include/handler/index.php - VC gamer position page editing permission fastened /functions.php - Next fit widget date structure now from WP again end /addons/extended family-wars/wp-nextmatch-widget.php - Slider rotation time brought to theme options /themeOptions/options.php /js/bx_slider_regular.js /js/bx_slider_auto.js /header.php - Buddypress participants number option introduced to topic options /themeOptions/choices.php /buddypress/individuals/individuals-loop.php

March twenty ninth, 2016

- Fixed query dump /addons/clan-wars/wp-clanwars-widget.php

March twenty fifth, 2016

- Brought up to date Visual Composer version (delete current plugin and you gets top notification with hyperlink) -Updated translation strings - Front end sign in worm mounted /header.php - Inactive admin account restore /purposes.php - Class 'Hybrid_Logger' blunders and Fb log in mistakes mounted /come with - Introduced submit phase for Writer and Editor role in back finish /functions.php - Introduced reverse sorting of upcoming suits /addons/extended family-wars/wp-clanwars-widget.php - Added security patch for HTML for remark segment /functions.php - Quite A Lot Of css fixes /css/main.css /css/buddypress.css - Fastened trojan horse with doubling content on clan edit /functions.php /single-clan.php - Fastened db queries errors /addons/clan-wars/wp-clanwars.php - Mounted clan web page tabs not engaged on cellular /js/global.js - Fastened VC accordion issue /css/main.css - Mounted factor with clan pictures now not showing /functions.php - Fixed Twitch profile image /purposes.php - Mounted composer roles /purposes.php - Fixed clean house in person registration page /page-user-registration.php - Brought Google ReCaptcha

February twenty third, 2016

- Brought up to date Visible Composer version (delete present plugin and also you will get most sensible notification with link) - Buddypress notifications css restoration /css/main.css /css/buddypress.css - Profile tabs going in the back of profile pic fixed /css/main.css /css/buddypress.css - Contributors css worm mounted /css/main.css /css/buddypress.css - Staff & Member sorting mounted /css/main.css /css/buddypress.css - Suits format fastened /css/main.css /css/buddypress.css - Ghost members malicious program is fixed now. Seek Advice From our give a boost to discussion board to check learn how to take away current ghost users /functions.php - Issue with information block layout fixed /purposes.php /vc_templates/vc_colum_news_tabbed.php /vc_templates/vc_column_news_hotizontal.php - Fixed username test on registration web page for multinetwork web site /page-consumer-registration.php - Registration form is not cleared after errors on registration page anymore /web page-person-registration.php - WP reserved phrases for shape factor fastened /tmp-extended family-problem.php - Fastened VC struggle with templates for Gamer role /js/vc/vc_back_end.js - Fastened seek capability /purposes.php - Mounted activation users malicious program /functions.php - Mounted ghost clans /purposes.php - Mounted bug with edit of clan problem /functions.php /tmp-extended family-problem.php - Added script to stop more than one clicks on join extended family button /js/global.js - Slider pictures now link to unmarried put up page /functions.php - Mounted factor with front end sign in form /header.php - Fastened issue with information block identify duration /vc_templates/vc_column_news.php - Delivered approach to change founded date in VC /functions.php /vc_templates/vc_members_clan_page.php - Got Rid Of way to set activation and registration page in Buddypress /js/admin.js - Fixed bug with assigining user to clan from back end /functions.php - Fastened issue with duvet symbol in Buddypress teams /function.php /css/buddypress.css - Registration e mail link fastened /web page-user-registration.php - Challenge clan title repair /functions_lj.php /tmp-clan-challenge.php - Fixed edit posts get right of entry to for other roles /purposes.php

December 29th, 2015

- Model correction, ultimate replace didn't undergo.

December 29th, 2015

- Fixed username test on registration web page for multinetwork web site /page-person-registration.php - VC up to date to up to date model - WP reserved words for form issue fastened /tmp-clan-challenge.php - Removed template choice in VC from entrance finish for all roles except for admin /js/vc/vc_back_end.js - BuddyPress participants search fixed /buddypress/contributors/members-loop.php - Delivered strategy to turn on customers from Consumer portion of again end /purposes.php

December second, 2015

- Widgetised sidebar now not working fastened /purposes.php - Registration web page fill all required fields computer virus fastened /page-consumer-registration.php - Two title fileds appearing on profile web page repair /buddypress/members/single/profile.php - Can Not use serve as in write context repair /header.php

November 30th, 2015

- Fastened lively plugins in demo importer /demo/import_options.php - Shape fields css repair /css/main.css - Mounted vc up to date matches block /vc_templates/vc_latest_matches.php - approach to upload favicon is removed from subject matter option as a result of center wp now supports favicon /themeOptions/options.php - u.s. introduced to record of countries in extended family block /vc.php - Safari login button repair /css/main.css

November twenty seventh, 2015

- Mounted issue with 2 members whilst adding clan from back-finish /purposes.php - Visual composer now included as a plugin and far from theme itself /plugins /js_composer /functions.php - Invite checklist css restoration /main.css - ShareThis plugin set to be became off as default. This plugin has best impact on web site velocity /themeOptions/options.php - Title got rid of as required box from buddypress. Please be sure that should you used this field for something else that you simply create new one. in this box we automatically set username /buddypress/members/unmarried/profile.php /buddypress - BuddyPress task circulation hole css restore /buddypress.css - Fixed factor with submit buttons while sending invitations /main.css - Password box brought back to registration web page. Users will now receive e mail with activation hyperlink. /functions.php /web page-person-activation.php /web page-user-registration.php - Fixed spacing in submit new topic form /main.css - Fastened issue with blue backgrounds in iPads /main.css - Delivered nickname in again-finish consumer page so that you can simply find users that use steam to login. /come with/handler/index.php - Fastened W3 validation errors - Fastened countries and languages dropdown options in clan info block /vc.php - Extended Family page tempalte is now routinely set when user creates extended family /purposes.php - Mounted factor whilst including user to friend list and media modal /unmarried-extended family.php - Fixed translation strings. Changed _( and __( functions with esc_hmtl_e( and esc_html_( - Add identify fortify /header.php - Help bubbles disabled in VC /functions.php - External URL on fit web page introduced and it's going to be shown in match main points field /unmarried.php /functions.php /addons/extended family-wars/wp-clan-wars/php - Fastened clan photographs in recent matches block /vc_templates/vc_latest_matches.php - Clan admins can now edit clan main points /functions.php - Mounted admin bar for different roles /purposes.php - Mounted contact page in demo importer /demo/import_posts.php - Brought HTML model to theme files

October eleventh, 2015

- Model correction to 1.FOUR.5

October 10th, 2015

- Additional mounted for latest VC composer /js_composer - WooCommerce taste patch carried out /css/main.css /css/woocommerce.css - Forum title coming from first put up mounted /footer.php - Date reset on match edit fastened /functions.php /functions_lj.php /tmp-extended family-challenge.php - Draft clans removed from consumer web page /functions.php

October ninth, 2015

-Up To Date Blackfyre Types plugin (UPDATE IS REQUIRED!, completely delete old one. You will get message on most sensible if not reactivate subject matter.). Present version: 1.3 - Up To Date VC composer to up to date model /js_composer - Demo person role fastened - Content Material product woo page template fastened /woocommerce/content material-product.php - Mounted breadcrubms for woocommerce /functions.php - Mounted BBpress thread feedback /css/main.css - Mounted WooCommerce upload to cart button /css/main.css - Fixed Google+ login /come with/Hybrid/Providers/Google.php - Added new breadcrumbs serve as /functions.php - Amendment cover button at the back of modification picture overlay mounted /unmarried-extended family.php

September 23rd, 2015

- Up To Date Blackfyre custom put up varieties plugin. Present version is 1.2 (please delete old one totally) - Introduced method to amendment extended family admins in again end /purposes.php - Introduced option for admin to switch extended family images /single-extended family.php - Mounted teams symbol add /functions.php - Mounted teams styling /css/main.css - Delivered map titles in post modal window /css/main.css - Fixed tabs styling /buddypress.css /css/main.css /css/boostrap.css - News ticker is sometimes too low (covers stuff underneath it) fixed /css/buddypress.css /css/main.css /css/boostrap.css - While logging in with Steam we are taking username as opposed to random number /purposes.php - Brought VC fixes /css/vcfixes.css - Fixed war among VC and center WP /purposes.php - Added auto sliding option for slider /functions.php /js/global.js /js/bx_slider_auto.js /js/bx_slider_regular.js - Introduced toolbar possibility for other customers /purposes.php /themeOptions/choices.php - Pending matches far from "Subsequent match widget" /addons/extended family-wars/wp-nextclanmatch-widget.php - Mounted reporting possibility in single match page (you need to reactivate theme for this to work!!!) /single.php - Fastened writer hyperlinks in weblog function pages /author.php - Fixed media hyperlinks /functins.php - Woocommerce name mounted /functions.php /header.php

September 2d, 2015

- Up To Date "Blackfyre types plugin"(PLEASE DELETE ANTIQUE ONE AND CHANGE IT WITH VERSION 1.1) - Fastened default position for social networks /include/handler/index.php - Fastened back end permissions /purposes.php - Fixed factor with feedback on fit pages (if they are nonetheless no longer showing just click on edit fit button again) /functions.php - Fixed roles factor in demo importer /demo/import_options.php - Mounted new widget constructor for WP 4.THREE.ZERO /widgets/lates_twitter/latest_twitter_widget.pohp /wigets/score/fashionable-widget.php - Fixed publish grid visible just for admins /functions.php - Added hyperlink to authors in archive, category and weblog pages /archive.php /index.php /single.php /class.php /tag.php /tmp-blog-full.php /tmp-blog-isotope.php /tmp-weblog-left.php /tmp-blog-proper.php /js_composer\include\templates\shortcodes\vc_column_blog.php - 'Next fit' text changed to 'remaining fit', if time expired in best fit segment in matches tab /single-clan.php - Default time zone is now one from WP /header.php - Added notifications to compare tab (this may occasionally include delete, submit actions and new challenges) /unmarried-extended family.php - Password box far from registration web page. Password will be despatched to user electronic mail. /web page-person-registration.php - Buddypress members widget styled /css/main.css /css/budpress.css - Fixed a couple of responsive issues /css/main.css /css/budpress.css /css/boostrap.css - Brought new column in back lead to fits phase so admin can see which user submitted ranking /addons/extended family-wars/wp-clanwars.php - Delivered Buddypress extended fields to profile web page /buddypress/members/unmarried/profile.php - Gamer position advanced along with permissions /purposes.php

August twenty first, 2015

- Brought custom icons for VC /js_composer -Updated Parallax a part of VC plugin /addons/symbol-parallax-for-vc -New function created for users. Gamer position (you'll must transfer all customers to this position) /purposes.php -All customers excluding admin are denied from back finish get entry to /purposes.php -Mounted one click importer to fit new VC changes /demo

August 14th, 2015

- Updated visible composer to latest version /js_composer - User cannot delete or edit fit if match is added through admin /single.php /functions.php - Fastened mega menu that is going at the back of footer while page does not have a lot content /css/mains.css /css/buddypress.css - Delivered wrapper to "Who Is on-line widget", whilst there are not any customers /js/global.js -Mounted issue with tabs going at the back of profile picture on smaller resolutions /css/main.css /css/buddypress.css /css/boostrap.css - Toolbar and Dashboard hidden from all users except for admin /purposes.php - Default role modified to author (you can use some plugin to manage roles, however default function must have put up permissions for clan publish kind). Got Rid Of all alternations of roles from code. (don't forget to move your present customers from Contributor to Creator function) /purposes.php - Customized submit sorts brought as a plugin. - Mounted more than one translation issues. Pot file up to date - Fixed avatar computer virus. Avatars are actually attached with prolonged profiles of Buddypress. /functions.php - Archive page structure malicious program mounted /archive.php - Delivered support for publish templates in kid subject matters /post_templates.php - Mounted wrappers in visible composer /js_composer - Fashionable submit widget adjusted. Now it takes both comments and likes for publish sorting /widgets/ranking/fashionable-widget.php - Introduced game selector in 'Next sport widget' /addons/clan-wars/wp-nextclanmatch-widget.php - Fixed wrappers for clans /css/main.css /css/buddypress.css /css/boostrap.css - Fastened strains in menu /css/main.css /css/buddypress.css /css/boostrap.css - Fixed whilst you hover over username in admin bar/again end huge photo. /css/main.css /css/buddypress.css /css/boostrap.css - Fixed sport logos are stretched and rectangular in listing of suits /purposes.php - Contemporary fits no longer appearing worm fixed /purposes.php - Added all categories possibility in 'Popular posts' widget /widgets/rating/well-liked-widget.php - Vc composer adjusted for network installations /js_composer/js_composer.php - Delivered credits to 'Clan Wars' plugin /addons/clan-wars/wp-clanwars.php /addons/clan-wars/wp-clanwars-widget.php - Introduced html toughen in news blocks /js_composer/include/templates/shortcodes/vc_column_tabbed.php /js_composer/include/templates/shortcodes/vc_column_horizontal.php - Delivered mail notification serve as whilst new user register /web page-user-registration.php - Added consumer prolonged profile fields to registration form /functions.php /web page-person-registration.php - Mounted data validation problems /addons/google-fonts/google-fonts.php /addons/smartmetabox/smart_meta_fields/select.php /buddypress/individuals/single/member-header.php /buddypress/individuals/single/settings/general.php - Mounted multiple undefined variables problems - Added improve for Cyrillic /functions.php

Jun 23th, 2015

- Fixed avatar issue (do not use Extended profiles avatar segment until we get reply from BuddyPress approximately their motion hooks) - Fixed position of final tag in log in form in Mozilla /css/main.css - International Locations can now be localized /page-user-registration.php - Fixed fits introduced by way of admin panel need to be saved twice prior to showing their results accurately /addons/wp-clanwars.php - WPML log in and redirection factor fastened /header.php /buddypress/contributors/unmarried/members-header.php /sidebar.php - Fixed display mistakes of extended family page in mobile /css/main.css /css/buddypress.css - Fixed when including fit via wp-admin and never using any pre-outlined opponent workforce (the usage of text box as crew's name) - on unmarried fit page the team name and picture will hyperlink to the fit web page itself. /addons/wp-clanwars.php - Forum sticky posts npw have white heritage /css/main.css /css/buddypress.css - Fixed in Firefox, the profile picture that is set for a consumer in the proper aspect of the admin bar is huge after soaring over your profile title. Prevents logging out on smaller displays! /css/main.css /css/buddypress.css - Mounted "All clans page" layout broken while a extended family title is just too long /functions.php - Turning off registration in WordPress settings will now cover the 'sign up' button and disallow registration through the registration page. /header.php /page-user-registration.php - Clanwars match description now permits shortcodes and HTML. /single.php /addons/extended family-wars/wp-clanwars.php - Fastened whilst you disable bbPress the 'Discussion Board' tab in person profile continues to be visual /functions.php - Fastened installing Advanced Customized Fields plugin creates conflicts with ACF functions which can be already integrated within the slider code. /addons/slider/acf.php /addons/slider/core.php - Fixed a subject the place the website wouldn't display appropriately after one-click set up (best header visible or errors in the header). /header.php - Fastened a subject where non-admin customers where unable to modify their profile picture on a few server configurations. /buddypress/members/unmarried/member-header.php - Fastened a few textual content strings that weren't marked for translation. /header.php - Fastened some PHP mistakes and warnings on clan pages. /purposes.php - PrettyPhoto XSS vulnerability patched with up to date version /js_composer/belongings/lib/PrettyPhoto

Jun eighth, 2015

- Mounted a topic where dropdown menu, login button in web page header, frontend Visual Composer and other JS based components would not paintings. /js/jquery.fancybox.js - Fastened WPML problems - registration and extended family challenge pages can not turn out to be duplicated more than one occasions whilst WPML is energetic. /subject matter-purposes /subject matter-purposes/page-templates.php /tmp-extended family-problem.php - Mounted a subject matter the place pagination on 'All matches' page may go back 404 error. /addons/extended family-wars/wp-clanwars.php - Fixed a PHP fatal mistakes on per month archive pages. /functions.php

Jun 5th, 2015

- Fastened a subject where pagination of member pals page could load friend record into fallacious HTML container. /buddypress/member/single/member-header.php - Mounted a topic the place the default clan emblem (for clans without uploaded brand symbol) can be too big on all matches page. /addons/extended family-wars/wp-clanwars.php - Fixed empty div in homepage template. /tmp-home.php - Renamed the 'Contact web page title' option in Subject Options to 'Registration web page title' to mirror its real use. /themeOptions/options.php - Fastened a couple of PHP errors and warnings on consumer profiles. /functions.php - Fixed multiple PHP errors and caution on clan pages. /js_composer/include/templates/shortcodes/vc_latest_matches.php - Fastened some PHP mistakes and warnings associated with Google Fonts. /addons/google-fonts/webfonts.php - Fastened an issue where the WP set up may change into broken (white page or PHP deadly mistakes) after acting one-click set up. /purposes.php - it's now imaginable to put 2, THREE or 4 widgets in footer (they shall be properly resized to fit in the footer space instead of being fastened on of 1/THREE footer width). /footer.php /purposes.php - Job feed 'Load extra' button now styled. /css/main.css /css/buddypress.css /css/colors.php - Mounted a subject the place a few menu hyperlinks weren't correctly highlighted (like category hyperlinks whilst category page was visited). /css/bootstrap.css - Fastened WooCommerce - breadcrumbs on WC pages. /functions.php - Fastened class archives - they're going to now display the correct category and pagination. /archive.php /category.php - Exported new .pot file (blackfyre.pot) and deleted outdated default.po and default.mo information from /langs folder. - Quite A Lot Of fixes in demo importer, together with deletion of uploads folder /demo - Fixed multiple translation issues. - Color strains in menu at the moment are mounted /css/main.css /css/buddypress.css /css/colors.php - Whole z-index of website online is mounted, all of the popups and plugin layers will have to show correctly now. /css/main.css /css/buddypress.css /css/colors.php /js_composer/property/css/js_composer_frontend_editor.css, /css/colours.php /css/woocommerce.css /css/clanwars.css /admin-taste.css - Mounted avatars in consumer's family member requests tab. /buddypress/individuals/unmarried/pals/requests.php - Image description box in Blackfyre slider now helps html. /purposes.php - Admin now can modification customers information and pictures of their profile in front finish of the web site. /purposes.php /buddypress - method to disable ShareThis is delivered in Topic Options /themeOptions/options.php /footer.php /single.php /tmp-1right-sidebar.php /tmp-2left-sidebar.php /tmp-3full-width.php - Fastened layout in consumer's friend requests tab. /css/main.css /css/buddypress.css /css/colours.php - Pagination dimension is now consistent throughout the web site. /css/main.css /css/buddypress.css /css/colours.php - Suits added manually by means of WP admin panel show their results differently on 'All matches' web page (or different match lists) and unmarried match web page (effects at ZERO:0, submit rankings button available) if fastened. Adding score in again finish will mark that fit as finished. /addons/extended family-wars/wp-clanwars.php - WooCommerce buying groceries card hover malicious program is fastened. /header.php - Brought proper structure for Add/Put Off from friends on person profile web page. /purposes.php - Extended Family wars advent, about us field text color is now fastened. /css/main.css /css/buddypress.css /css/colours.php - Class archive link in menu is now properly highlighted while visiting a class archive page. the similar goes for forums. /css/main.css /css/buddypress.css /css/colours.php - Crew section tab is added, - IE go back button when WooCommerce cart is empty button is showing now. /css/main.css /css/buddypress.css /css/colours.php - Buddypress group members format if mounted. /css/main.css /css/buddypress.css /css/colours.php - Brought technique to prohibit clan advent in Subject Matter Choices. In Users portion of admin back finish, there is a take a look at field the place admin can select which users can create clans while restriction is energetic. /purposes.php /themeOptions/choices.php /header.php - Scripts, css and photographs at the moment are optimized. Subject should work quicker now.

Might 7th, 2015

- 'Who's on-line' phase will now correctly show person avatars. /purposes.php - Removed vintage, unused Google Fonts settings from Topic Options -> Customise panel. Brought new separate Google Fonts with extra options. /themeoptions/options.php /functions.php - Google Fonts will now as it should be load latin-ext font subsets (if available). /css/gf-taste.css /css/fonts.php - removed /addons/google-fonts/google-fonts.php /header.php - Avatars will now as it should be show on person process pages. /purposes.php - 'Who's online' segment will now appropriately show consumer avatars. /functions.php - Fixed an issue the place the 'Add URL' popup window was now not visible whilst the use of Visible Composer on the entrance finish. /main.css /purposes.php - Fastened checkout button is not aligned on the template. /main.css - Mounted "Already a consumer? LOGIN" phase at checkout, the login button is invisible until you hover over it. /main.css - Registration page: JOIN BLACKFYRE text non-compulsory from subject matter choices. /web page-consumer-registration.php /themeoptions/choices.php /css/main.css - Brought an option in Topic Choices panel to select layout of class/documents. /themeoptions/options.php /archive.php /category.php - Introduced responsive classes to blog web page templates. /tmp-weblog-proper.php /tmp-weblog-left.php /tmp-weblog-complete.php /tmp-blog-isotope.php -The theme will now properly load external resources by the use of HTTPS if wanted (need to be compatible with SSL now). /footer.php /unmarried.php /functions.php - Job and Teams tabs will now as it should be disappear if corresponding BuddyPress modules are disabled. /serve as.php - Match description doesn't handle HTML content /unmarried.php - The advisable plugin's alert isn't any longer visual to all customers in wp-admin pages (will be visual only for admin users). /functions.php - Multiple translation textdomain insects were mounted. The theme is now totally compatible with Codestyling Localization translation plugin. - Style.css tags have been updated. /taste.php - Customers can now change their nickname and show name from edit profile web page. /buddypress/members/unmarried/member-header.php /buddypress/contributors/unmarried/settings/general.php - WordPress admin bar will have to now be correctly hidden for all users with the exception of admins. /functions.php - Introduced post historical past for complete width submit templates /tmp-3full-width.php - Captcha junk mail protection has been added to the registration page. /page-user-registration.php /addons/captcha - Customers can now amendment the heritage of registration page. /page-user-regstration.php - Fastened BuddyPress notification area show worm on some installations. /css/buddypress.css - Fixed more than one PHP mistakes on extended family pages. /purposes.php - Mounted a format issue whilst making a BuddyPress staff on the frontend. /buddypress.css - Page header historical past will now be correctly fixed. /css/main.css - Multiple WooCommerce structure problems have been mounted. The subject is now appropriate with up to date variations of WooCommerce. /css/main.css /css/woocommerce.css - Mounted few display quirks on mobile browsers. /css/colour.php /css/boostrap.css - Woocommerce dropdown on checkout web page /css/main.css - Multiple styling fixes /css/main.css /cs/budypress.css - Plugin activation up to date to up to date 2.FOUR.2 version /pluginactivation.php

March twenty seventh, 2015

- Brought social.js script that used to be missing /functions.php - Fastened one click on import permission errors /demo/import_usermeta.php

March 26th, 2015

- Brought RTL give a boost to /functions.php /css/trl.css - Enabled admin bar /functions.php - Fixed css bug in menu (strains on hover) /css/main.css March 19th, 2015 - Liberate

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