Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Create Tutorials that Guide Guests Round your Web Site

Tutorialize is a jQuery plugin that gives a simple and nice option to create tutorials that information guests around your website.

  • Highlight the options of your page
  • Responsive
  • Able in mins
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • For cms, weblog, e-commerce, product page, ...

Major options

  • Unlimited slides introduction
  • Embed any form of contents (movies, documents, sounds, photographs, ...)
  • Multiple Tutorialize cases
  • Remember visitors state
  • Great overlay center of attention mode
  • Keyboard navigation
  • Simple subject matter customization
  • Simple label translation
  • Callback methods implementation
  • much more …

Real Utilization

  • CVwanted Web Resume Great instance of the point of interest overlay and customized theming.

Beef Up

  • Documentation
  • Deploy
  • Options
  • Change Log 1.3.1


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