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Table Fee Transport by means of Class, Weight, Price, Amount & Volume for WooCommerce - Kahanit

Table Rate Shipping by Class, Weight, Worth, Quantity & Extent for WooCommerce Plugin is used to easily setup transport charges in keeping with delivery class, overall weight, total worth, total amount and overall quantity of products in cart.


Use Instances

⇒ Calculate shipping through class, weight, price, quantity & extent.
⇒ Calculate transport by increase in weight, value, quantity & volume.
⇒ Calculate delivery by means of volumetric/dimensional weight.
⇒ while you have hundreds of regulations and inserting it one through one is impossible, you can simply get ready CSV and import using this plugin.
⇒ while you have advanced value system using weight, worth, quantity & extent, plugin permits fixed value or method in cost field.


= Delivery by means of class, weight, value, amount & volume =


Whilst plugin assessments for a rule all of the 5 limits magnificence, weight, value, amount & quantity should match for value in that rule to be used as transport price.

in school box you'll make a selection one or extra delivery classes. Weight, value, amount & extent may also be fastened value, range or empty. For vary you'll insert worth like 10-15 way it will also be any price among or equal to ten and 15. Empty fields are shown as “- Any -” it implies that field shall be skipped by means of plugin for matching. when you click on the desk cell phone, you might be allowed to edit that cell phone.

= Price components =

In method you can use under operators, variables and functions. E.g. 2*ceil(twi)+2.5. The Use Of formulation you'll put into effect advanced delivery necessities.

Operators: +, -, * and /.

Variables: Suffix f, t and i in beneath variables manner upper restrict, decrease limit and building up in present rule.
E.g. if weight range limit is 10-20 and package deal weight is THIRTEEN then tw = 13, twf = 10, twt = 20 and twi = 3.

  • tw: Total weight. twf: Total weight from. twt: General weight to. twi: General weight building up.
  • tp: General worth(tax incl.). tpf: General value(tax incl.) from. tpt: Overall worth(tax incl.) to. tpi: General value(tax incl.) build up.
  • tq: Overall quantity. tqf: Overall quantity from. tqt: General amount to. tqi: Overall amount increase.
  • television: General volume. tvf: Overall quantity from. tvt: General volume to. tvi: Overall quantity increase.
  • skip: Skip current rule.
  • stop: Stop checking additional and discard transport manner.


  • ceil(): Go Back numbers rounded up to the closest integer. E.g. ceil(2.4) = 3.
  • flooring(): Return numbers rounded all the way down to the closest integer. E.g. ceil(2.4) = 2.
  • sqrt(): Go Back sq. root of numbers. E.g. sqrt(NINE) = 3.
  • abs(): Return absolute value of numbers. E.g. abs(-4.2) = 4.2.

= Rule precedence =


Regulations are checked from first to remaining to check for limits and if package main points are in rule limits, cost in that rule is used as delivery value and it is going to stop having a look further. you can simply drag drop rule to organize it in line with priority.

= CSV import/export =


There puts from where you'll be able to import/export CSV, underneath zones checklist and above table charges desk.


while you import above CSV at below zones record, two zones Asia and Europe are created with continent, u . s ., state and postcode as in columns and desk rate delivery methods are added to those zones and table charges are imported to those strategies. If zone with zone name already exists new zone isn't created however zone main points are updated and current desk rate delivery methods are changed with new methods with desk rates as in CSV.

when you import above CSV at above desk charges desk in zone Europe then most effective table charges in CSV with zone Europe are imported and if zone columns aren't there in CSV then the entire desk charges are imported.

Continent, usa and state columns data must be in similar structure as above. Continent AS is Asia, u . s . IN is India, state IN:GJ is Gujarat in India. you can in finding whole record here.

= Frontend checkout process =


Checkout process continues to be the same, it is going to display all the table fee shipping strategies for which matching rule is located and if for any method matching rule is not found that means won't be proven.

= Unit tested robust code =

Complete plugin is advanced with unit tested robust code with respectable code protection using best possible instrument building requirements and WordPress best practices.

Please contact give a boost to right here for any questions or suggestions.


v1.0.0 - twenty sixth January, 2017 --------------------------------------------------- - First Unencumber!

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