Friday, January 27, 2017

Woo Product Quantity Vary Price


  1. Fast and straightforward deploy.
  2. A Couple Of quantity vary value set in simple & variation product.
  3. Three type value you'll be able to set in product.
    1. Proportion cut price
    2. Price bargain
    3. Promoting worth
  4. kind amount vary you'll be able to set in product price.
    1. Among quantity range set price ( 10 – 15 )
    2. Minimum amount or range set value ( 50 or more )
  5. Full plugin permit / disable facility possibility.
  6. Product sensible enable / disable facility option.
  7. Entrance-end show quantity vary value listing on product element page.
  8. Set entrance-finish quantity value style choices.

Demo Product:

Simple ProductVariation Product

Quantity Range Worth Choice

Simple Product

Simple Product Front-finish Aspect

Version Product

Adaptation Product Entrance-finish Side

Quantity Vary Product Price Choice Settingn


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