Friday, January 27, 2017

WordPress WooCommerce Market Complicated Commission Plugin

WordPress WooCommerce Market Advanced Commission Plugin

This Item simplest works with Webkul WordPress WooCommerce Multi Seller Market Therefore The Marketplace Plugin Is Required, to make use of this Plugin.

WooCommerce Marketplace Advanced Fee provides the facility to admin to set fee for products, classes, and seller classes. Admin too can use more than a few commission rules to charge fee from the vendor. In case if any product lies beneath more than a few categories on which admin has set the fee, then the top fee will be appropriate at the product.


Options Of WooCommerce Market Advanced Fee Plugin

  • Admin can set fee on products.This plugin lets in admin to set fee at the product stage. If admin set commission to a product then it gets higher precedence even as calculating commission.
  • Admin can set commission on categories.If admin wants to set commission on categories to charge commission from supplier at the foundation on categories then, it could possibly be performed with the assistance of this plugin
  • Admin can set fee on specific supplier categories.Now admin will even set fee on specific dealer also. that is a very efficient function, now admin can give different fee for various supplier classes.
  • Admin can set fee on products and categories together. Occasionally it's required that a product lies in a category but admin desires to charge a different fee on that specific product in preference to the entire class. So this plugin offers this capability to admin to set a commission at the specific product.
  • Commission on the product will get upper precedence. If admin set commission on class and on product additionally then, the product commission get higher priority whilst calculating fee
  • Admin can upload/edit other fee rules.This plugin permits admin to add more than a few fee regulations to charge the commission to the vendor.
  • When admin use commission rules then, the fee might be decided at the basis of commission laws simplest.If admin set commission regulations then, the fee might be calculated on the basis of commission regulations most effective.
  • Admin can set fee sort as fastened or proportion for categories.Admin can come to a decision that the commission will probably be charged to the vendor as fixed or proportion.

Demo Links

A Whole useful demonstration of the product can also be experienced even prior to a purchase :grin:


"Preliminary liberate v 1.0.0"

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